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        技术的更迭替换 ,未来对于各项零部件 、中端组件的需求一定是要求更精密 、更精良的 。我国要实现“先进制造”转型 ,意味着产品要求更高品质 、生产更高效 ,还要降低企业的成本 ,提高企业的效益 。方方面面 ,都离不开自动化的升级
  With the replacement of technology,the future demand for various parts and mid-end components will definitely require more sophisticated and sophisticated.Our country's"advanced manufacturing"transformation means that products require higher quality and more efficient production,and it must also reduce enterprise costs and improve enterprise efficiency.All aspects are inseparable from automated upgrades
  3C行业从最初的手工 、半自动到机器人 ,再到自动化流水线设备配合机器人 ,最后到未来的智能工厂 ,是一个从自动化到信息化最后迈向智能化的发展趋势。
  3C industry from the initial manual,semi-automatic to robot,then to automatic assembly line equipment with robots,and finally to the future intelligent factory,is a development trend from automation to informatization and finally to intelligent.
  目前自动化流水线设备在3C行业主要应用在冲压 、打磨 、抛光 、喷涂及测试等环节 ,其他环节如分拣 、包装 、装配目前自动化程度普遍较低 。
  At present,automatic assembly line equipment in 3C industry is mainly used in stamping,grinding,polishing,spraying and testing,and other links such as sorting,packaging,assembly are generally low degree of automation.
  3C制造业产品大多生命周期比较短、工艺变化比较大,产品自动化生产技术可实现行及资金投入大 ,因此自动化程度较国外更低 。
  The life cycle of most 3C manufacturing products is relatively short and the process change is relatively large.The automation degree of 3C manufacturing industry is lower than that of foreign countries because of its short life cycle and large capital investment.
  3C行业全自动装配流水线是一款自动化装配线智能改造设备 ,打造无人化车间 。人工将检测后的光电板放入对合输送线上 ,对合后经机械手插入各班的固定槽内 ,盖上上隔板,将整层产品放入L型封切机和热封机机型包装和热封纸箱 。
  3C industry automatic assembly line is an automatic assembly line intelligent transformation equipment to create an unmanned workshop.Manually put the detected photoelectric board into the closed conveyor line,insert it into the fixed slot of each shift through the manipulator,cover the upper partition board,and put the whole layer of products into L-type sealing machine and heat sealing machine type packaging and heat sealing carton.
  经自动开箱并输送到产品装箱位置进行装箱 ,整个动作由坐标机械手完成 。
  After automatic unpacking and transportation to the product packing position,the whole action is completed by the coordinate manipulator.
  装箱后 ,经过称重装置称重检测 ,不合格经过剔除输送回收处理,合格品经过封口 、贴标和码垛。
  After packing,after weighing and testing by weighing device,unqualified products are removed,transported and recycled,and qualified products are sealed,labeled and palletized.
  码垛托盘放入码垛上料口 ,开启自动运行系统自动码垛。
  The pallets are put into the palletizing feeding port,and the automatic operation system is started for automatic palletizing.
  整个过程只需要几名工人备料和运料即可 ,整个过程全自动高效运行 。
  The whole process only needs a few workers to prepare and transport materials,and the whole process is fully automatic and efficient.
  The production process of 3C industry automatic assembly line equipment is as follows:
  1 、外观视觉监测
  Visual appearance monitoring
  2 、蜘蛛手分拣
  Spider hand sorting
  3 、隔板上料
  Partition loading
  4 、产品对合并输送
  Combined transportation of products
  5 、下隔断上料
  Lower partition feeding
  6 、多关节机械手插板
  Insert plate of multi joint manipulator
  7 、上隔断上料
  Upper partition feeding
  8 、封切机
  Sealing and cutting machine
  9 、坐标机械手装箱
  Coordinate manipulator packing
  Automatic box opener
  11 、称重复检
  Weighing recheck
  12 、拆盖封箱机
  Cover removing and sealing machine
  13 、自动贴标
  Automatic labeling
  14 、自动捆扎
  Automatic strapping
  15 、多关节机械手码垛
  Multi joint manipulator palletizing
  Pallet feeding
  自动化流水线设备在3C行业的应用 ,核心技术在于制造和装配 ,3C产业的工业机器人可以有力的降低人力成本 、提高工作效率、并降低成本。
  The application of automatic assembly line equipment in 3C industry,the core technology is manufacturing and assembly.The industrial robot of 3C industry can effectively reduce human cost,improve work efficiency and reduce cost.
  不管是时代的发展,还是市场的饱和度 ,国内3C制造业自动化率还有很大的提升空间 。未来新的星迅,或将在这里出现 !
  Regardless of the development of the times or the saturation of the market,there is still much room for improvement in the automation rate of the domestic 3C manufacturing industry.The new singsun in the future may appear here!

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